Saturday, January 7, 2017

Summer Trip 2016 SW Wisc Day last (4)

Sunday August 21.   (BTW, to read the summer trip story in order, scroll down to day one first.  Also, click on any picture to super size.)

Bill had a meeting to get to and Lloyd decided to ride with him so they left for the cities at sunrise.  The rest of us cooked breakfast and had our bible study before heading out.

First we found some more interesting side roads to hit before getting serious about heading home.  It was a beautiful day and good to enjoy the ride.  The best was the beginning, the worst was getting through the city of  LaCrosse.  We had a plan to meet Keith, Jeff and Randy at Buck knuckles near Alma.  This is a biker bar/grill in the middle of no where.  But they serve a good meal with interesting ambiance. When we first got there it was very busy and crowded with motorcycles parked everywhere and we had to find a table outside.  But shortly everybody left.  We surmised it was because they realized the Fossil Apostles Motorcycle Gang was there and they were scared of us!  (kidding!).

Pictures of headlights at the Mississippi on Wisc 35.

Only parking left at Buck Knuckles was back by the cornfield.

We had a good meal, told the stories of our weekend to those who meet us there, then headed on home.   It had been another great Fossil trip.  Good rides, friends and fellowship.... even if the weather often didn't cooperate.   Thanks brothers!

Grace and Peace,
Fossil Wayne