Thursday, February 28, 2008


Link to an interesting site on safety and other riding tips:

50 tips for safety I found on another web site:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Our History

The Fossil Apostles began in 2005. It was an out growth of a men's bible study group from Maple Grove Covenant Church in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The men had decided that a motorcycle trip would be an interesting group dynamic. Within the group the men had differing degrees of biking experience from decades of history to basic newbies buying a bike and taking the state learners course for the first time. But all were united in their enthusiasm and excitement at the possibilities of hitting the open road and spending a week with Christian friends. Wayne was not a part of that original bible study but was graciously allowed in because of his friendship with Greg. Since then, the gang has grown to include others not from the original bible study but sharing the same vision and passion for the Lord and biking.

The name:
The name was chosen because it ryhmes and it points out, humorously, that we are followers of Christ and none of us are as young as we used to be (most of us over 50). My recollection is that Lloyd first coined the phrase, but I am open to correction on that point. We call ourselves a "gang" because of the irony. We are about as far from a gang as a group of graying, balding men who like to pray and study the bible can be.

Our Trips:
Trip # 1 in 2005 was a ride around Lake Superior. From Minneapolis we took the northern Wisconsin, Upper Pennisula Michigan, Ontario, northern Minnesota route. Some highlights were the first night at Wayne's hunting shack, the day and night in Paradise, Michigan and the stay at Bill's friend's cabin in Finland, MN.

Trip #2 in 2006 was to the Black Hills. We tried to stay off the superslabs by taking US 212 across South Dakota and back. Highlights were trying to keep Jim's bike going in spite of a dead charging system, (good news is he made it back home, got the bike fixed and caught up to us near Deadwood), helping Gordy "pack" his new bike, sights and roads around the Hills, breakfast at the Sylvan Lodge, and the heat at Belle Fourche.

Trip #3 in 2007 was to Northern Minnesota. We had decided to take a little shorter trip this year. It was a loop north and west to Brainerd, Thief River Falls, Roseau, International Falls, Duluth. Highlights were breakfast at The Logging Camp, the twisty road at Itasca, the picnic at Lloyd's sister's place, the twisty road to Finland, and, unfortunately, Bill breaking a throttle cable on WI state 35 south of Superior.

Trip #4, Lord willing, will be to Yellowstone in August, 2008. See another post, below, for planning details.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

2008 trip: Yellowstone

Our next trip is scheduled for August 9-17, 2008. Our destination is Yellowstone National Park. We hope to hit the Big Horn Mountains as well and other stops in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. A proposed route is above. Our plan is to make reservations in Yellowstone soon. Options will be to stay in a cabin and/or campground. Lloyd is in charge of the cabins, Wayne the campgrounds. Let us know which you prefer.
Currently Bill, Eric, Greg, Steve, Lloyd, Wayne, Jim and Keith are planning on making the trip. If you want to go as well, just let us know!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

first post test

Hi, guys, welcome to our blog site. I hope to put up pictures and write-ups of our previous rides as well as information regarding our future trips. I am new at this whole thing so any suggestions/advice is welcome.

Grace and Peace through our Lord Jesus Christ,