Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Revised Itinerary (08/04/08)

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Changes to our plans:

Friday afternoon, Aug 8.
Meet at Maple Grove Covenant Church at 1:30PM. 9350 Upland Lane N, Maple Grove.
Twin Cities to Mitchell, SD via Mankato, Windom, Worthington. - 300 miles about 6 hours. – 5 rooms at the Thunderbird Lodge motel off I90 exit 231 – 1 room has 3 double beds and 4 rooms have 2 beds. The rooms run about $50 per bed since it is the tail end of Sturgis week.

Saturday, August 9.
About 350 miles - Mitchell, SD to the Black Hills via I90 with stops at the Chamberlain overlook, through the Bad Lands loop and Wall, SD - I’m looking into staying in the old Mason lodge on main street in downtown Deadwood, SD. I’ve stayed there a number of times before during Sturgis week. They have about twelve double beds and showers in there basement that we may be able to get for a low cost. We will probably be getting in late in the afternoon or early evening. Some may also want to go into Sturgis either Saturday or Sunday before we head out to Buffalo, WY. It will probably be pretty quiet since Sturgis week ends on Saturday.

Sunday, August 10.
About 180 miles and 2.5 hours – I90 all the way. Since it is a short riding day we can spend some time in the Black Hills if we like. Maybe Devils Tower or Rushmore etc. Keith will meet up with us somewhere along this route. There is a motel I know of in Buffalo, WY for Sunday night but I haven’t called them to check on availability at this time.

Monday, August 11.
Buffalo, WY to Yellowstone through Ten Sleep, Greybull and Cody. This could be 260 to 350 miles depending if we decide to go into the Bighorns via Burgess Junction or not. This is the southern pass through the Bighorns so it’s not as dramatic with the switchbacks as is will be when we come through on the way back on Friday.