Saturday, July 27, 2013

August 2013 Trip Details

I. Itinerary:
                A. Thursday August 15.   Meet at Mill's Fleet Farm in Lexington at 3:30.
                               1.Goal is to get to my place before the deer start dancing on the road.
                               2. Stop in Turtle Lake DQ for supper.
                B. Thursday night.  Wayne's Huntin' Shack.  Couderay Wisc.  (County C and Ortwig Lane)    
                C. Friday August 16.  Ride east through northern Wisc and U.P.. 
                                 1. 320 Miles direct but we will be taking some twisty side roads and other diversions as they present themselves.
                 D. Friday night.  Michihistrigan Resort and C.G., Gould City.
                                  1. We have a large cabin reserved (four double beds) plus tent sites.  
                                   2. Restaurant on site, Lumberjack museum north, Lake Michigan south.

                  E. Saturday August 17.  Ride east to Mackinac Bridge then south and west to sand dunes, etc. 217 miles direct, but again, we will not be going direct.
                  F.  Saturday night. Portage Lake Bible Camp.  Onekama.      
                                    1. stay in a dorm or pitch a tent.  Free will offering.

                  G. Sunday August 18.  ride to Ludington  (one hour ride)  get on ferry to Manitowoc, WI, 8:00 AM  (want to get there early to purchase tickets or purchase on-line ahead of time).                                      Arrive in Manitowoc WI at noon.  Ticket will be $119.  Bring your own ratchet straps.
                   H. Sunday night.  Somewhere in central Wisconsin (no reservation yet) or just ride home 
                            (320 miles, 5hours)

                   I.    Monday. Aug 19. Ride across central Wisc to home. Less than 300 miles depending on where we lodge 

II. Who's going:  right now 8 Fossils: Rick, Jim, Greg, Lloyd, Bill, Keith, Steve, Wayne.  Let me know if you also want to come: 6 one 2  / Tree6 nine  double six ninetynine

III.  Bible Study?  I Tim 4 "A Good Servant of Jesus Christ" 

IV.  Remember ratchet straps, bible, sleeping bag, tent(or not).    


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Breakfast Planning Meeting

Hey Fossils.  
We will be having a breakfast meeting at the Maple Grove Old Country Buffet, 13603 Grove Dr, Saturday morning, July 27, 8:00 AM.

The primary agenda item will be discussion of the Fossil Apostles Motorcycle Gang Summer Trip which is  August 16-19.  

The trip planed is through northern Wisc, the south end of the U.P. of Mich, across the giant bridge into Lower Michigan, along the sand dunes, a ferry across the lake back to Wisc and back home.

If you'd like to come on the trip, try to make the breakfast meeting, otherwise the details will be posted here.

Feel free to come and visit even if you're not going on the trip.

Grace and peace through our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

Fossil Wayne.
6 one 2  / Tree6 nine  double six ninetynine