Monday, April 12, 2010

Breakfast Meeting Saturday April 17

We met today at the Applebee's in Rogers for a breakfast meeting. It was also a fund raiser for a pre-school so the price was right.

We had a great time re-acquanting and catching up. Everyone rode their bikes except one guy (me) who's bike is still in parts. One guy, (Bob) didn't quite make it because his bike broke down on the freeway. Larry rescued him in his fancy new Mustang so Bob still got some breakfast. Oh yes, that reminds me, Larry didn't ride his bike either. Gordy gets the prize for the longest ride since he came all the way from Red Wing in the chilly April weather.

We also spoke of our plans for the spring ride and summer trip. On Saturday, June 5 we plan to meet and head down to Pepin Wisconsin where we will zoom around on some county roads for the day.

The summer trip will be to the Ozarks of Arkansas, August 15-21.

Details for both trips are forth coming.