Thursday, January 12, 2012


Welcome, how to find your way around here:

Welcome to the website of the Fossil Apostles Motorcycle Gang! We are glad you to took the time to check us out.

We have been using this site to document rides and meetings that have happened in the last few years. There are also pictures and at least one video. Remember you can click on any picture in a blog to expand it to full size.

This site is in a "blog" format. That is, the most recent posts are at the top and you read previous posts by scrolling down, then click on "Older Post". It is kind of like going back in time. If you are really ambitious, jump to the first post in the Archive section and read upwards to current postings. Back at the first pages, February of 2008, you will find a short history of our gang including an explanation of our unusual name.

If you are here because someone from our gang handed you a business card, WELCOME AGAIN!. Perhaps you are wondering about the "On The Road to Heaven" statements on the back. What you are reading there are bible verses from the Book of Romans in the New Testament of the Bible. Because they are all from that book they are commonly called the "Roman Road to Salvation". They are chosen because they concisely explain our need (we are all sinners) and God's solution to that need (He sent His Son, Jesus).

For more information and explanations of each verse, please go to the "Important Stuff" section and click on the link indicated. Also, I invite you click the link entitled "Who is Jesus and why do we need Him" to watch a video of an interview of Pastor Bob DeWaay on the subject.

So, we are glad you are here and we hope you find our little web site enjoyable and informative.

May God bless you with grace and mercy through faith in Jesus Christ the Lord.

See you "On The Road"!

Fossil Wayne.