Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring Ride 2015

Hey Fossils, riding weather is here!

Please join us for our annual Spring Ride.  Saturday May 30.  
Normal procedure: Northern guys  meet at 8:00 AM at Maple Grove Covenant Church.  Southern meet place at the IKEA parking lot 45 minutes later.

My barber told me of an interesting restaurant in the Alma Wisc area called "Bucknuckles".  In spite of it's awful name and that it is a kind of a biker bar and grill he assures me it is a nice place that even a bunch of old Christian Fossils will like.  "they even sell ice cream!" 
They have no web site but here is a link to an unofficial facebook page:

If we get there and it's not something we like we can head to Nelson and go to that great BBQ place "J&J".  Over lunch we will discuss our summer trip options.

Then an afternoon of Wisc Alphabet Roads!

Let me know...
Grace and Peace.
Fossil Wayne