Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Trip to NoCarolina 2017

We had a great week August of 2017 in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.  Found great roads and had a great time.... have I mentioned, it was great?!   Here are some pictures, click on each to enlarge:

went there in two groups, one by trailer...

... one by bike

we crossed the Missippi via ferry!

both groups meet up near Nashville

had to ride in rain from Nashville to No Car

Finally off the freeway and out of the rain

Our Rental Cabin in the mountains

a creek ran by our cabin!
I slept on the porch

Riding every day taking in the sights and twisties
"how about we take this road to that road?"

Fossils Lloyd, Paul, Keith, Bill, Greg, Wayne (Jim behind the camera)

There's Jim!

Greg's rental bike.  (his was broken)

we found a town named after me!

the mountains were "smokey"!

on the "Tail of the Dragon"

Bill at the "tree of shame"

On the day when most went to a motorcycle museum
I rode south on my own.  Here are some of those pics

Wayne, Keith and Jim went to the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville while the rest headed home.
Paul and Bill get the "ironbutt" reward for riding straight home.
Lloyd and Greg waited in Wayne'sville for bike repair.
One of Johnny's guitars in the museum

afterwards a BBQ joint in Nashville

trip home for Jim and Keith via truck/trailer

I stayed another day and took in the Grand Ole Opry

the next day, I traveled back on my own through
Kentucky and found another ferry across the Ohio river

a state park on the Ohio river where pirates used to attack pioneers

 After the stop at the state park then I got serious about getting home and hit the super slab.  A long ride to cap a great trip with wonderful Christian brothers!  Thanks guys!