Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Ride

Our fall ride was on Saturday, Oct 15. It was a chilly buy nice and sunny day.

We met at the Fleet Farm on I694 and Lexington at 10:00 AM. Just three Fossils strong, Lloyd, Greg and Wayne.

We headed east on MN97 to Scandia. Then a quick no-name twisty road to MN95 and up and across the river to Osceola, WI.

From Osceola we took a series of "alphabet roads" (X & M) over to Star Prairie where we found a friendly bar and grill called "Friendly Bar and Grill". They had a special on a shrimp dinner so it was three shrimps for the three Fossils.

From Star Prairie we spent the early afternoon on more alphabet roads, zooming around the hills and dales, enjoying the scenery and the nice fall day. A few hours later we made our way back to Osceola and the required Dairy Queen stop.

This completed out Fall Ride, 2011. Time to put the bikes up for the long, cold winter. See ya all next spring!